Guided tours at Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt

Esterházy Palace is the symbol of the regional capital Eisenstadt- Haydntown- and the most important cultural monument in Burgenland. From the 17th to the 20th century, the Esterházy Princes and their families where one of the most important and richest aristocratic families in Hungary.

They were well known even far beyond the borders of the Habsburg Empire for its splendid music and theatre tradition. Joseph Haydn essentially contributed to this fact. Get an impression of courtly and princely life of former times by joining a guided tour at Esterházy Palace. As a guest at Esterházy Palace you have the chance to feel the atmosphere and social life at the Princes‘ Court and for almost one hour you will be part of the rich musical traditon which experiences its golden age in particular with the creations of Joseph Haydn.

The Master of Ceremonies himself will receive you in keeping with courtly tradition and guide you through former music salons, guestroom, festive set banqueting table, library – you can almost touch the baroque splendor and history and feel the special atmosphere which once inspired the great composer Joseph Haydn to create his extraordinary music. You have the opportunity to experience the music of Joseph Haydn in the rooms where the composer himself made music an where many of his works were heard for the first time.As a real highlight in the very end of the tour you have the chance to see the jewel of the Palace – the unique Haydn-Hall.

This concert hall named after Joseph Haydn today is one of the most beautiful and acoustically finest concert halls in the world. Here, when not already before you will finally be enchanted by music of Joseph Haydn when you sample one of his most beautiful music works and feel it in such a brilliant acoustic atmosphere.

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